Submenu Settings for Wiz WordPress Theme

Select your submenu item entrance animation, customize its font and colors.

  • Submenu Animation: Select the submenu entrance animation:
    • none
    • fade animation
    • fade and move animation.
  • Submenu Box Shadow: Enable/disable a shadow for the submenu.
  • Submenu Width (PX): Set the width of the submenu box item.
  • Typography: Customize the font for the submenu items text
    • Font Size: Set font size in px and em.
    • Font Family: Select a font family from Google fonts library.
    • Font Weight: Select font-weight, it will work depends on the selected font.
    • Text Transform: Select the font transform: default, none, capitalize, uppercase and lowercase.
    • Font Style: Select font style inherit, normal, italic and bold.
    • Line Height: Set font line-height.
    • Letter Spacing: Set font letter-spacing.
  • Submenu Colors: Set menu background color, links color on normal and hover mode.
    • Normal: 
      • Background Color: Pick a background color for the submenu.
      • Link Color: Pick a color for links.
      • Top Border Color: Pick a color for the link’s top border.
    • Hover: 
      • Background Color: Pick on hover color for the submenu background.
      • Link Color: Pick on hover color for links.
  • Top Border Size(PX): Set top border size in px.
  • Submenu Separator: Enable/disable submenu items separator.
    • Submenu Separator Color: Select the color for submenu items separator.
  • SubMenu Spacing: Creates space around the submenu. You can set spacing in Pixel (px), Em (em), or Percentage (%). You can set a different value for desktop, tablet and mobile.
Submenu Settings in Wiz WordPress Theme
Submenu Settings in Wiz WordPress Theme

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