Blog Pagination Style

Select pagination style load more button or next/prev buttons.

  • Pagination: Select pagination style: next/prev, standard and infinite.
    • Next/prev: Add next and prev buttons to the end of the page with numbers.
    • Standard: Regular number pagination style with next and prev icons.
      • Pagination Border Color: Set a color for pagination border.
    • Infinite: Add button to the end of the blog page or allow infinite scroll.
  • Load More Style: Set load more loader style: button or dots.
    • Button: Add load more to the end of the post to load more posts.
    • Dots: Load posts when the user reaches the end of the page.
  • Infinite Scroll Loader Color: Pick a color for the dots.
  • Load More Text: Set the text for load more button.
  • Infinite Scroll Last Text: Set a text after the loader reaches the last post.
  • Pagination Spacing: Creates space around the pagination. You can set spacing in Pixel (px), Em (em) and Percentage (%). You can set a different value for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Please note you can set how many blog to show per page by navigating to WP Dashboard > Settings > Reading > set number at Blog pages show at most.

Blog Pagination Style in Wiz WordPress Theme
Blog Pagination Style in Wiz WordPress Theme